• Why Train With Us?

    We strongly believe in the lifelong benefits health and fitness can bring. The unmeasurable feeling of personal achievement—conquering a goal, throwing it aside, and setting new goals.


    It's not about perception, show, or short-term gain—it's about the hours, weeks, months, or years of consistency, discipline and effort that get you to your goals.

  • Meet the Team

    Dedicated, qualified and professional personal trainers, and sports therapists.

    Glenn Boyling

    Glenn Boyling

    Founder & Personal Trainer

    REPS LVL 3

    I have been involved in sport and exercise for as long as I can remember—the challenge and the competition have always been key for me. The one factor that is consistent across all the sports I play is the need for discipline in order to succeed.


    I take my clients goals as seriously as my own—knowing what is needed to succeed is important, but putting the wheels in motion and keeping your motivation going is absolutely paramount. I will make your goals mine, I will bring the enthusiasm needed to keep you going throughout your training sessions, and I will get you to where you want to be—keeping you focused on your goals at all times.

  • "Fresh Image Training are dedicated personal trainers who help encourage and inspire their clients to reach their fitness and nutrition goals."

  • We Believe

    Our personal training beliefs stem from a coherent understanding of client needs.


    We believe in consistency

    Make us part of your routine

    Achieving your goals can only happen with you. We understand that you may not be able to train with us everyday, so we build tailored programmes that ensure you are always moving in the right direction—with or without your personal trainer.


    We believe in sleep

    More precisely we believe in recovery

    Making sure you're refreshed and renewed for each session only happens with adequate rest and enough quality sleep—we don't train 24/7 and neither should you.

    Giving Up

    We believe in giving up

    Small changes make a big difference

    Food is a significant part of any fitness plan and we understand that making radical changes can be a mentally daunting prospect—formulating a plan and giving up bad habits strategically is the key.


    We believe in individuality

    Everyone has different goals

    We don't employ the one size fits all approach. We work with you to ascertain why you want to train with us and edge toward your goal together—adapting and amending as you progress.

    The Long Game

    We believe in the long game

    We're in this together

    We're with you for as long as it takes—it may be tough, and it will take time, but give your goal the attention it deserves and the results will follow—we promise.

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  • Member Benefits

    Options to suit you and your personal training requirements.

    Experienced Personal Trainers

    We are qualified and experienced personal trainers with a range of skills and specialties.

    Flexible Payment Terms

    A range of payment options to suit your budget, including direct debit and pay-as-you-go.

    Tailored Programmes

    Programmes designed for both personal trainer led sessions and solo gym workouts.


    Ideal for treating injury and aiding recovery—we offer both Sports and Holistic Massage.

    Nutritional Advice

    We take a 360 degree view of your lifestyle, including how you fuel your body.

  • "We work with a dedicated community who trust us with their goals—this is something we never take for granted"

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    We'd love to work with you to develop your goals into something sustainable and consistent—so lets get started with a 'hello'.

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    A modern, friendly, and social environment for both personal training and solo work-outs.