• More Than Just a Gym

    Our aim is to create a friendly, relaxed, and social training environment—a place where goals can be set, started, shared and conquered. Our aim has always been to be more than just a gym.


    You're not allocated a number or a membership card—simply turn up, say hi and get down to work. We keep things simple, so you can focus 100% on your training.

  • Gym Gallery

    Take a look inside the new Fresh Image Training gym.

  • Member Benefits

    An environment to suit you and all your training needs.

    Professional Staff

    We offer a bright and safe training environment with friendly qualified staff.

    Varied Equipment

    Professionally serviced equipment for a variety of training requirements.

    Changing Facilities

    Shower and changing facilities so you always leave feeling fresh.

    Food Preparation Area

    For all those early morning workouts, and after work grinders.

    Flexible Opening Hours

    We are open from 5:30am-9pm weekdays, 7am-5pm Saturdays and Sundays.

  • "We understand that keeping focused and consistent requires an environment that makes you feel inclusive, motivated and above all, confident."

  • Equipment

    Varied and professionally serviced equipment.

    Strength Training

    • Bench Press
    • Squat Rack
    • Power Rack
    • CrossFit Lifting Platform
    • Body solid Cable Crossover
    • Oxide Leg Extension
    • Oxide Leg Curl
    • Watson single leg curl
    • Watson Leg Press
    • Hack Squat
    • Plate loaded Calf raise machine
    • Landmine
    • Olympic Weightlifting Bars
    • Safety Squat Bar
    • Cambered Bar 
    • Bow Bar
    • EZ Bar
    • Olympic Weight Plates (1.25kg-25kg)
    • Olympic Chains
    • 3 Benches (incl. 1 Decline)
    • Body solid Latpulldown/Low Row
    • Mag Bars
    • Trap bar
    • Bodymax chest press/shoulder press/row
    • Watson chest supported T Bar row
    • Farmer carry's

    Free Weights

    • Dumbbells (1kg-44kg)
    • Kettle Bells (4kg to 28kg)
    • Slam Balls (5kg to 75kg)

    Cardio Equipment


    • 1 Life Fitness Cross Trainer
    • 2 Spin bikes
    • 1 Concept2 Rower
    • 1 Concept2 Ski ERG
    • Rogue Echo Assault bike

    Mobility & Accessories

    • TRX Suspension Trainer
    • Olympic rings
    • Earthquake bar
    • Battle Ropes
    • Resistance Bands

    • Swiss Ball
    • Reebok Steps
    • Foam Rollers
  • Membership Options

    Straight forward membership options to suit a variety of training requirements and goals.

    Option 1 (Good)

    GYM MEMBERSHIP (Monthly)

    Month-to-month memberships give you the flexibility to train as and when is best for you—no tie-in, no contract.

    Option 2 (Better)


    Join us for a year and receive our very best rate giving you access to the gym at times that suit you.

    Option 3 (Best)


    Train with us on a one-to-one basis and receive a discounted rate on a yearly or monthly gym membership.

  • "You’ll be training alongside like minded individuals whose goals are every bit as focused as your own."

  • Fancy a Guided Tour?

    If you'd like to take a look around the Fresh Image Training Gym we'd love to show you.

  • Looking for Personal Training?

    Goal based personal training with motivating, qualified and friendly personal trainers.